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    Hi All,


    I’m guessing most of you were sceptical about how the game would run


    i mean i wasn’t worried i knew what studio would be porting it :playboy:


    i thought we could post up our specs, game config and performance for people who don’t own it and for comparison


    because it runs bloody nice.


    here’s my spec:


    I5 760 @ 2.8Ghz

    AMD 7870 2GB

    12GB DDR3 RAM

    Windows 7 64Bit



    Game Config:



    FXAA – On

    MSAA – Off

    Vsync – Off

    Texture – Normal

    Shader – Normal

    Reflection – Very High

    Water – Very High

    Particles – High

    Grass – Very High

    Soft Shadows – AMD CHS

    Post FX – Very High

    Anti-Aliasing – 16x

    Ambient Occusion – High

    Tessellation – Very High

    Long Shadows – On

    High Res Shadows – On

    High Details Streaming When Flying – On :playboy:


    I can’t be bother to work out the bar percentages lol


    Anyways With all this is actually runs anywhere between 30Fps roughly (when just loaded in and well busy areas for split seconds) to 40Fps to 60Fps (when further out the city, and sea areas)


    i think i will need to upgrade the CPU and GPU if i want to stay above 50Fps and still have it run nice

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    (FG) SlvRBEAST

    mine runs A OK, bit like this really:



    but obviously this is project cars…. hahahaha


    You tool Slvr


    Just a note to people as i stated to Needs TURN OFF VSYNC!


    (FG) SlvRBEAST

    i never run vsync, ever.





    vsync might as well not be there xD

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