Topic: 10 years of FG and TMN

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    Well its 10 years since i found Trackmania on the tinterweb and joined FG. Any of you Jipo’s up for a reunion weekend? gonna gauge numbers then poll a date laaaa


    tmuf or TM2 stadium? you got BC2 installed jipo? i’m trying to get some peeps on for a game. Slvr, Sammy and I have been on for the last week and it’s been enjoyable.


    (FG) Cloggy

    im up for it twat!


    (FG) Cyborg

    Yea I remembered my login lol

    I’m on tm most weeks and still the same account

    It would be a good laugh to race with you mad lot again..


    Sounds good, TS is still running so people can hang out there and stuff



    whats the ts address again i will come and shoot the shit with u guys its been ages

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